MCPM (Measurement & Control for Process & Manufacturing) with the past 15 years’ in the industrial automation software business we have learned that the use of data in any kind of industrial environment is unexplored. Therefore we in MCPM believe that we through our solution portfolio can help you gain insight into how well you are performing your daily plant operations.
Our following offered software solution can work with all leading control and SCADA system vendors


Industrial IT is the use of Information Technology in industrial applications, everything from Process Control Systems, Sensor Technology, Data Acquiring, Data Logging and Monitoring and Software and Systems Engineering. With the evolution of Industrial systems & norms, Industrial IT is now witnessing the 4th Industrial Revolution, MCPM products are in line with the latest industry standards, with references in multiple segments across different continents.

Based on open standards like OPC UA & HTML5, atvise is a powerful SCADA system designed to interconnect & control complex plants & multi-site infrastructure. Being the world’s first hot standby redundant SCADA in pure web technology, atvise is one of the most modern & future proof SCADA in the world.

In 2001, Automsoft launched the world’s fastest and highest performing enterprise data historian named RAPID. With ingestion & retrieval rate of over 4 million events per second & zero data loss, RAPID outperforms all other time-series databases. RAPID technology provides a suite of products to collect, store, visualize and analyze large volumes of time series data.

Software Toolbox provides a toolkit to industrial automation system integrators in form of drivers, add-ins, simulation tools which come handy during the entire project lifecycle. Some of the products include Omni server, TOP server, IoT connectors, data integration, OPC DA/UA server toolkits, device connectivity solutions, etc.

Bachmann Monitoring is the industry leader in condition monitoring. With more than two decades of experience in prolonging the lifespan of machines & over five decades of expertise in Industrial Automation, Bachmann services thousands of installations worldwide with a complete package of individual and customized DNV-GL certified solutions.

A data flow platform extracting and contextualizing data from legacy industrial equipment and securely transporting this to cloud services and remote storages. The combination of Neuron’s data bridge technology and years of industrial experience moves your production process into the Industry 4.0 era.

With ACRON data historian, you can efficiently bring together all the data and information from your plants, thus laying the groundwork for sound evaluation and analysis processes. Its comprehensive range of functions enables you to analyze and optimize your plant operations. ACRON meets the standardization, legal requirements and regulations for a wide range of industries (e.g. DIN EN ISO 50001, DWA M260, A216, 21 CFR Part 11, TA, Waste, EKVO etc.)


Smart Factory is a way of expressing the end goal of digitization in manufacturing, a highly digitized shop floor that continuously collects and shares data through connected machines, devices, and production systems. The data can then be used by self-optimizing devices or across the organization to proactively address issues, improve manufacturing processes and respond to new demands. MCPM understands that the end goals of any form of digitization must reflect in numeric form on the client’s overall profitability & offers one of the best in class Manufacturing Execution Systems

You need insights and tools to help you run your business. You don’t need an endless software project. Recognized as a Customers’ Choice for MES by Gartner in 2020, TrakSYS is a next-generation MES platform with out-of-the-box functionality designed to provide the monitoring, measuring, reporting and analytics you need to run your manufacturing operation more effectively.


There is no single adversary and no single threat to the information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) infrastructures for industrial enterprises, and no silver bullet for security. A focused program that combines traditional security tools, automation techniques, cyber security standards and best practices, threat intelligence, and human analysis is essential for oil and gas companies to maintain an appropriate risk-based security posture. MCPM tries to address the daunting task of addressing critical areas of plant security with its top tier Disaster Recovery & Cyber-Security Systems.

With IRMA® you can fall back on an effective industrial computer system which can be used to quickly identify and fight off cyber attacks. Without carrying out any kind of activity in your IT network, IRMA® constantly monitors your production plants, provides information on cyber attacks, and enables risk-based analysis, as well as an intelligent alarm system via an organised management console.

Stratus solutions collect and analyze data at the source – the Edge of your core business processes. Whether you manage an assembly line, an oil and gas pipeline, water treatment plant, a smart building process, or biotechnology and device organization, you need to turn data into actionable results. Far from the cloud or your data center, decisions and actions need to be made at the edge, in real time with the right information, in the right place.

OCTOPLANT is a modular software platform which offers OT Immunity: comprehensive asset and device management, automatic backup & recovery, asset inventory adapted to the individual challenges of your industrial plant. The product is an evolution of two industry leading products – Autosave & Versiondog.


No Industrial enterprise can succeed without crystal clear & timely management/operational insights & reports. The conventional reporting systems are designed for business, re-purposed for use in industrial applications which have a significantly higher TCO (total cost of ownership) owing to high cost of consultants, data analysts & IT professionals. MCPM brings the best-in-class tools for reporting & enterprise level dashboards tailor made for operations intensive environments like plants, factories. These are tools specially designed for people closer to the operations like plant engineers, process engineers, operators, etc.

A leader in Industrial automated reporting, Dream Report is the world’s first programming free, user-friendly, automated reporting and data analysis software designed specifically for industrial automation applications. It is designed to be the simplest solution for extracting data from virtually any data source and provide automated reports to anybody, anywhere, and anytime

Visual KPI is a real-time dashboard, KPIs, alerting and analytics software for operations. Focused on operationally intensive industries, It is the only on-demand mobile operations monitoring, alerting and analytics solution that provides obvious, real-time, visual data on your any device. Visual KPI is regarded as one of the elite Dashboarding software in the world offering enterprise view of all your KPIs


Industrial enterprises are on a constant quest to improve yield, improve quality and lower costs while meeting sustainability goals. With increasing digitization, more and more data is now available across all industrial sectors, but the sheer volume and variety of sensor data make it hard to harness practically. Taking advantage of the linear, non-linear, long range, temporal or difficult-to-predict patterns in your data is challenging without an array of AI techniques at your disposal. MCPM offers solutions with sophisticated data processing capabilities, robust deep learning and machine learning techniques, and standardized integrations with operational control systems.


Intelecy is a cloud-based software (SaaS) which offers Off the shelf advanced analytics for production & manufacturing based on machine learning. It helps understand what has happened, what is happening and what will happen unless corrective actions are taken. Intelecy eliminates the need of expensive consultants, data scientists & analysts by offering drag & drop functionalities to create machine learning models for people who are closer to production process.

MD-R is a fixed IoT solution which is predictive and will accurately analyze and report the condition of any 3-phase motor/pump to identify problems before they impact business. It is a unique sensor less condition-based monitoring system with higher accuracy than conventional sensor-based solutions. M-DR IoT automatically and accurately diagnoses the state of the equipment in real-time and notifies management with the specific point of fault or inefficiency.

OmniConnect is one of the world’s first Cloud-Native Operational Data Historian Available in AZURE.

OmniConnect serves 6 key functions:
– Data collection from any source
– Ingest and push to any cloud
– Data storage in any data lake
– KPI calculation
– Compute operations as required
– Publish data on any visualization


The importance of alarms & alerts cannot be understated in any environment especially industrial domain, where health & safety are of utmost importance. From a simple callout list to an advanced escalation workflow, MCPM brings the best-in-class alarming solutions that lets users securely interact with equipment alarms via mobile app, text, voice, email, or in-plant announcements, reducing downtime and operational costs.

ALERT is a software product designed for remotely monitoring automated systems . It is used in a variety of industries with a high degree of automation. Based on MS-Windows™ operating systems and capable of integrating into both simple and complex technical architectures, ALERT effectively and reliably centralizes and forwards alarms from a monitored site to the right people using the media that they have chosen for notifying messages and according to their defined on-call schedule

AIP automates the alarm processes and ensures, through established notification chains, that each malfunction can be immediately resolved. The integration on various communication channels allows AIP to obtain a rapid and targeted response even if on the move. Alarms immediately reach designated recipients anywhere, via email, SMS, voice, audio or messenger. As a pure client / server application platform with a modular design, AIP cooperates with existing HMI / SCADA, MES and ERP systems and adapts perfectly to your company’s IT architecture

Inefficiently performing alarm systems, plagued by alarm floods, inaccurate alarms diminish situational awareness and negatively impact plant production and safety. Processvue enables effective alarm management to improve operator situation awareness by providing actionable information to help mitigate abnormal situations and ensure safe, reliable, and compliant operations.


At its most basic, a smart building is one that is using technology to share information about what goes on in the building between systems so as to optimize the building’s performance. This information is then used to automate various processes, from heating and ventilation to air conditioning and security. At MCPM, we offer solutions that empower building & facility owners with the right tools & tackles to curb their energy peaks & realize tangible benefits for maximum profitability combined with environmental sustainability.

AREE is an Energy Management software that allow companies and public communities in the industrial and service sectors to reduce their energy costs and CO2 emission. It enable you to record and analyze the consumption in order to reduce your energy costs and CO2 emissions. AREE intuitive web interface allows you to view the consumption data of your site from any Web browser.
AREE is designed to be used in professional and commercial buildings, offices industries, hospitals, schools, swimming pools, sports facilities, town halls and other public facilities.

Precise. All-in-one. Plug & Play, Visual Counter is the next-generation people counting sensor with the highest accuracy on the market. Its all-in-one approach integrates all the core solutions into the thinnest people tracking sensor in the world with advanced features and easy setup.

EXACT offers high-quality survey technology solutions across the globe, skilled at surveying and gathering the exact data that you need, It is also the solution you need to extract as much information as possible from your data and to use it wisely. With offerings like Scan to BIM & Digital Twin & its proprietary delivery platform, Exact stands out amid the crowd.


It is important to be able to maximize profits & realize organizational goals by using tools which could be used while one is on the move & do not call for major IT infrastructure. MCPM tries to bring top tier mobile solutions to digitize your work with preventive maintenance, quality and health & safety, incident reporting & much more.

CheckProof is the ideal tool to digitize your work with preventive maintenance, quality and health & safety. Create customized checklists, Deviation reporting and handling, Push notifications, Export data to Excel and PDF, Incident reporting and handling, API for integrations, App for iOS and Android & Offline Mode. Some of the world’s largest cement & construction firms rely on CheckProof.