About Us

Welcome To MCPM

MCPM stands for “Measurement & Control for Process & Manufacturing” and was formed to provide State of the Art Solutions to a wide range of industrial clients.

With offices in Norway, Thailand, India, Pakistan, and the United Arab Emirates MCPM is engaged in offering state of the Art Solutions by world leading principals to the System Integrators and End users. MCPM is a company primarily focused on delivering solutions in software and building a closely knit Ecosystem of partners and System Integrators.

Our offered specialized product portfolio ranges from plant automation & process control to the top management layer of a business System. We offer a comprehensive System Integrators Program. Our vision is to offer the most comprehensive software solutions to the Scandinavian, Middle East, India, and Asian marketplace with MCPM Products in close conjunction with our System Integrators.

Our office in Oslo covers all of Europe
Our office in Abu Dhabi covers the Middle East and Africa
Our office in Bangkok covers Asia
Our office in Pune covers India
Our office in Saudi Arabia
Our office in Dubai
Our office in Lahore covers Pakistan