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MCPM is an international distributor of industrial PC, CE and UL certified industrial display panels. It stands out for its wide range of Industrial Panel PC and Industrial monitors. Specialising in the most demanding environments, MCPM can deliver any type of industrial PC completely customised, offering a wide range of materials, sizes, components and formats, while guaranteeing good design and scalability, with innovative and flexible designs of high quality in its industrial PCs.
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HMI Display Panels

Stainless Steel Panel PC Full IP65

Manufactured in 316L Stainless Steel with full IP65 enclosure

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Wall-Mount Panel PC

Embedded Panel PC: CPU boards with latest generation Intel® Processors, fanless..

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Metal Closed Frame Panel PC

Metal Closed Frame Panel PC: CPU boards with latest generation Intel® Processors...

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Aluminium Closed Frame Panel PC

Panel PC Closed Frame Aluminium: Its a Panel PC VESA mounting, CPU boards with...

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ATEX Wall-Mount Panel PC

An ATEX Wall-Mount Panel PC is a device specially designed and certified for use in dangerous and potentially explosive ...

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ATEX Full IP65 Panel PC

An ATEX PC Full IP65 is equipment specifically designed for use in hazardous and potentially explosive...

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Binconet Marine Solutions Co., Ltd has developed a standing reputation for working with customers to design custom solutions and reliable products.
Maritime PPC. ARA-15/19TS-MPPC
  • Small Mechanical Outline, Low Weight, Analog Resistive Touch Screen
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  • Small Mechanical Outline, Low Weight, Rugged design for maritime requirements
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Condition Monitoring System (CMS)

Stand-alone CM solution

A stand-alone control cabinet contains the CPU as well as the measuring module and the rele- vant power supply units. It is also possible to retrofit a communica- tion unit (e.g. router) to the config- uration, as well as to integrate all the relevant components for the sensors.

TopBox solution

PLC-independent installation in the existing control cabinet: fewer hardware and installation require- ments.

PLC-integrated solution

Integration in an existing Bach- mann controller environment as well as in the existing control panel: fewer hardware and instal- lation requirements.

Q-Guard® Portable 18

The mobile/transportable solu- tion, giving 18 channels for vibra- tion monitoring and 3 analog in- puts for temporary machinery surveys.

Alarm Escalation Modem - AIP Edge

AIP EDGE bridges the gap between the occurrence and reporting of a critical event and ensures reliable alerting to the targeted addressees/staff. The alarms can reach the appropriate recipients immediately and everywhere – via e-mail, SMS, voice message, audio, messenger or pager.
Alarm Escalation Modem - AIP Edge
  • Alerting via voice, SMS, audio, messenger, pager, email and web
  • Immediate and targeted notification of relevant recipients
  • Enables quick action and prevents downtime
  • Coordination of service teams via messenger and acknowledgement functions
  • Transparency through analysis of alarms sent
  • Maximum security during shift operations